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  1. New trailer out now! Now I've stopped the game development, and working on the demo. It will be released soon, join our Discord to stay always up to date! Link~
  2. tradurrò tutto in italiano il prima possibile The Legend Of The Sacred Talisman is an ARPG game created as a tribute to the classic Nintendo 90's action-adventure games, with a focus on The Legend of Zelda that has enchanted audiences for generations, along with us. With a gigantic world to explore, real-time combat, new mechanics to learn, dozens of quests to fulfill, and an intricate and captivating story with a light touch of irony addressed to only real gamers, we aim to tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of every dedicated Zelda fan, trying to offer you the same tried and true feeling that only retro games can provide, but with the magic of a new and modern experience, characterized by a splendid setting in 100% pixel art, topdown style, which will keep you attached to the screen until the end of this exciting adventure crafted in a rigorously-period 16-bit style. Fight for the future of Haylis' kingdom! Learn the art of survival! Unravel the mysteries of the past! Best of all, in addition to keeping on a classic ARPG style, we will introduce new features like little life simulation touch to the game. Development: For 2 years now, we have dedicated ourselves with lots of passion to this project, giving the bottom of our heart and savings to the cause, without hesitation, to be able to transmit joy to the nostalgic people that like us want to relive the same emotions. Now the game is almost complete, but with your help, we can do better! We can finally see the finish line, with all the programming, the main story, and the overworld practically finished! Give us a hand to create the most magical and addicting 16-bit game of recent times!!! Together we can do better! To support & follow us: Features: Travel across a giant open world on foot or horseback! Engage in real-time combat Push, climb, jump, swim, sail! There are many options to engage with environments Learn how to show jumping with the horses, and how to use numerous types of weapons and items! Crawl through unforgiving dungeons, each with their challenges and boss. Upgrade weapons, items, horses, and much more... Collect, mine, fish, hunt, catch, alchemize and craft unique items, from common food to potions with silly effects, from crafting materials to catching fish and bees. Buy and sell items to engage with the story Farm and create a closer bond with nature Experience taxing lateral-thinking puzzles in a variety of mini-games and side quests Become a true hero as you gain new items and abilities! Journey on an enormous map, from your tiny village to the very top of a castle on a cloud, making stops in various cities and islands reached by sailing. Experience a day/night cycle (combined with dynamic weather) that will make for a truly immersive experience. Buy houses, that can also be furnished, decorated, and later expanded. Gallery:
  3. ghostwolf95


    Buongiorno, mi chiamo Andrea e sto lavorando ad un progetto dal lontano 2018 😅 arrivo da rpgmakerweb xD e mi sono iscritto per ricevere qualche spunto e aiuto, e magari aiutare gli altri utenti della community italiana nella realizzazione dei loro progetti 😊 sono al terzo anno di informatica all'università e il prossimo anno vorrei fare un master in Virtual Reality, quindi credo si possa capire che vorrei far diventare questa mia passione per i videogiochi.. un vero e proprio lavoro. Se serve aiuto con qualche plugin, posso tentare di dare una mano (ormai ne ho visti molti xD e tanti li ho adattati alle mie esigenze). Al momento sto lavorando ad un gioco in stile Zelda, con qualche funzionalità in più, e spero tanto sarà disponibile entro fine 2021 ^^ Detto questo vi saluto, e buon making ❤️