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Found 1 result

  1. Game Title: OutSchool Game genre: Role Playing Gameplay style: Tactical, Open World, Mini Game Game engine: RPG Maker MV On Platform: Window, Linux, MacOS Link Download: https://itch.io/jam/igmc2018/rate/327844 Introduce DANG wanted to have a recipe make a game. So he enrolled in college, during which time he realized that college was not able to teach him how to create a game. That is why he left school and joined in the SU NGHIEP team against the Process. In prototype: Part of the city in the southeast (city-SE) The Temple, DUBI, DIT, Dormitory, Café and Shop. Three types of enemies and one boss. Game Features: FEATURES SO FAR The story is complete : The prologue As I said in the devlog: This is a true story about me, talk about the process of college. The plot I wrote too much can’t be completed in a short time. I decided to introduce the story from the day of college registration to the day of college admission A huge map: currently available; CITY-SE size 6444x6444 Tactics battle system Recipe system Quest system Game Time: 14 types of weather; rain, clouds, fog, wind, fallen leaves, 4 seasons, cycle time; day/ night. There are over 2000 items divided into 12 categories: food, cake, key1, key2(hidden), drink, medicament, common, rare item, material, weapon, armor, ??? There are two mini game: Taxi and Waiter PLANNED FEATURES The plot must be complete : 8 episodes The side quests by date and event Complete the city map including (NE-NW-SW) total size a city map: 25776x25776, inside campus (DIT, USH, HSTN), additional grocery stores, the process center areas, the SU NGHIEP center, the mines to look for raw materials and more dungeon The system traffic, the motorcycle and car will be active on the city map Pet system include hunger, thirst, and fatigue. You can control a pet (When you are a Summon) Design skills, animation, logic AI for the boss Balancing the battle mechanism Add more two mini games Possible features: Expand the story to another game. It can make on unity 3d engine Language support: English, Arabic, German, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, VietNamese, Chinese, Malay, Portuguese, Italian