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Minigame Sistema Premio

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Nome Script: Sistema Premio

Versione: 1.0

Autore/i: Sky00Valentine



Non so se avete presente il sistema nel gioco Need for Speed per la Playstation.

Dopo ogni gara vi mostrava delle carte le quali una volta scelte, vincevate o dei soldi, o delle parti di ricambio etc...

Questo script fa praticamente la stessa cosa.











Istruzioni e demo all'interno dello script/demo.




# Sky Script Revolution : Reward Scene (SSR) (SSR/RS)
# Version 1.0
# August 03, 2011 Started
# August 08, 2011 Completed
# What is Sky Script Revolution (SSR)?
#    It is a revamp of Sky's previous scripts.
# Is that all?
#    No, that is only the beginning. Look for
#    New Scripts as well. Also look forward to
#    the reopenning of script request hall soon.
# What kind of scripts are you planning?
#    I am starting to get into battle system
#    scripting so look for edits.
# Are you supporting old scripts?
#    Some scripts don't need revamping as they
#    work beautifully, so I will update those
#    scripts.
# Features :
#    Version 1.0 - August 08, 2011
#      - Card Reward Graphics
#      - Choose from 4 possible rewards
#      - Set up your own rewards.
# Credit
# Sky00Valentine :creator and editor
#            New :requesting script
#       Celianna :grahpics
# Terms of Use
# ------------
#     Crediting Rpgmakervx.net is the only thing I ask.
#     However feel free to credit Sky00Valentine if you
#     see fit.
# Future improvement
# ------------------
#    - Other Reward Graphics
#       - Treasure Chests
# Instructions & Installation
# ---------------------------
# - place under materials
# - be sure to download the card_graphics found here and place them in pictures
#   folder.
#     http://www.mediafire.com/?6qhycyy6bv4s877
# - Setup the Module how you like.
#     NEXT_SCENE is the next scene after the reward scene. Set to whatever.
#     BACK_IMAGE is the background of the Scene. For the best results make
#     your own or get one made for you.
#     SHOW_TITLE if there is a background image the Choose Your Reward message
#     will no longer show if this is set to false.
#     MIN_VARIABLE set this to a free game variable that you can change through
#     eventing.
#     MAX_VARIABLE set this to a free game variable that you can change through
#     eventing.

#     Note that which ever game variables are MIN and MAX if REPETITION is set
#     to false make sure they are 3 apart  (6,9) otherwise you will be caught
#     in an infinite loop.  For a little safety I put in a breaker, that will
#     inform you of your mistake.

#     Note #2 the same problem can occur possibly if you fill REWARD HASH
#     with the EXACT same reward multiple times. So make each reward unique
#     will ya. Can also be fixed by setting REPETITION to true.

#     BGM is the Background Music of the Scene. Jazz up this scene with some
#     music.
#     SOUND is a sound that will be played when you pick your reward. Feel the
#     happiness of being rewarded ring in your ears.
#     Repetition set this to false so that each reward is different from the
#     others. Or you might find that you were going to get the same reward no
#     matter which you picked. But if it is on it may increase your chance
#     or decrease you chance from getting a great reward.
#     TEXT well the three settings for this are pretty simple test it out.
#     REWARDS well this is where you input each of your rewards. It is best
#     explained below in the module please read carefully and everything should
#     go smoothly.
# - Have fun with it.

$imported = {} if $imported == nil
$imported["SSRRewardScene"] = true

module Sky
  module Reward
    NEXT_SCENE = "Scene_Map.new" #Set to the Scene you want to go to when this one is exited.

    BACK_IMAGE = ""              #Background Image for this menu.  Must be in the
                                 #Pictures folder. Set to "" by default for a normal
                                 #Menu look. Set it to background image name for custom

    SHOW_TITLE = false           #If set to false when BACK_IMAGE is being used
                                 #the Choose Your Reward! Will not show up.
                                 #this allows more customization.

    MIN_VARIABLE = 1             #Game Variable for MIN setting, Set to Variable 1
    MAX_VARIABLE = 2             #Game Variable for MAX setting, Set to Variable 2

    # Max setting allows Rewards in that range to be received.
    # Down in the Rewards Hash you set rewards starting with 0 up to whatever
    # If Min is set to 3 and Max is set to 6 only items 3 to 6 can be obtained
    # when the Reward Scene is called.

    BGM = ""                     #BGM played when menu starts.
                                 #BGM must be located in Audio/BGM folder
    SOUND = ""                   #Sound played when selected reward is revealed.
                                 #Sound must be located in Audio/ME folder
                                 #Leave sounds empty and no sound will play.

    REPETITION = true       #Allows multiple of the same reward to appear at once
                             #So two or more hidden rewards can end up being the same.

    TEXT = "Party Obtained " #When you get your reward this message will pop up.
    TEXT_SIZE = 20           #The size of the message font. By default it is 20.
    TEXT_FONT = "Calibri"    #The font of the reward message. RPG Maker VX
                             #by default is Verdana.

    REWARDS = {
    # Set Icons as such.
    #"Icons" => [icon_id(currency),icon_id(weapon),icon_id(armor),icon_id(items)]
    # Set rewards as such, Types are Currency, Weapon, Armor, and Items.
    # if Type is Currency value is amount of currency(Gold),
    # if Type is anything else value is the id of that item.(number in database)
    # reward_id => ["Type",value,amount]
    # amount is how many of reward item. Unless the reward item is Currency.

    "Icons" => [85,1,32,64],   # Currency icon is icon 85, Weapon icon is icon 1
                               # Armor icon is icon 32, Item icon is icon 64
    0 => ["Currency", 200],    # Reward is 200 G
    1 => ["Weapon", 1,2],      # Reward is 2 Clubs
    2 => ["Armor", 2,3],       # Reward is 3 Scale Shields
    3 => ["Item", 3,10],       # Reward is 10 Full Potions
    4 => ["Currency", 10000],  # Reward is 10000 G
    5 => ["Armor", 9, 1],      # Reward is 1 Iron Helm
    6 => ["Item", 3, 2],       # Reward is 2 Full Potions
    7 => ["Weapon",2,1],       # Reward is 1 Long Sword
    8 => ["Weapon",11,7],      # Reward is 7 Wrapped Bows
    9 => ["Item",1,99],        # Reward is 99 Potions

  # Do not edit  anything below this point
  # unless you have Ruby scripting knowledge.
  # You have been warned.

class Scene_Reward < Scene_Base
  include Sky     #Allows Scene_Reward Class to automatically access Sky Module
  include Reward  #Allows Scene_Reward Class to automatically access Reward Module

# create_menu_background(alias)
# ----------------------
# if BACK_IMAGE is defined a custom background can be used
# instead of creating the normal menu background.

  alias ssr_rs_background create_menu_background
  def create_menu_background
    if BACK_IMAGE == ""
      @back_image = Sprite.new
      @back_image.bitmap = Cache.picture(BACK_IMAGE)

# start
# -----
# Does everything needed to startup the scene.
  def start
    @viewport = Viewport.new(0,0,Graphics.width,Graphics.height)
    Audio.BGM_play("Audio/BGM/" + BGM) if BGM != ""

# initialize
# ----------
# creates all local variables used in this scene.
  def initialize_variables
    @vert = 80.0
    @draw_text = ""; @text = ""
    @down = true; @show = false
    @count = 0; @index = 1; @i = 0; @loop_break = 0; @choice = -1
    @rewards = {}

# dispose
# -------
# disposes of all images created during this scene
# as well as stop sounds and move on to the next scene.

  def dispose
    @back_image.dispose unless @back_image == nil or @back_image.disposed?
    $scene = eval(NEXT_SCENE)

# create_windows
# --------------
# creates and defines each window used in this scene.

  def create_windows
    @title = Window_Base.new(0,0,544,90)
    @title.contents.font.size = 60
    @title.contents.font.name = "Calibri"
    @title.opacity = 0
    @title.contents.draw_text(0,0,544,64,"Choose your Reward!",1)
    @title.contents_opacity = 0 unless BACK_IMAGE == "" or SHOW_TITLE
    @reward_window = Window_Base.new(0,260,544,176)
    @reward_window.opacity = 0
    @reward_window.contents.font.size = 20
    @cards = Window_Base.new(0,134,544,142)
    @cards.opacity = 0
    @cards.contents.font.size = 12
    @cards.contents.font.name = "Calibri"

# randomizize_rewards
# -------------------
# takes four random rewards from REWARDS Hash.

  def randomize_rewards
    while @rewards.size < 4 do
      number = -1
      while number < $game_variables[MIN_VARIABLE] do
        call_exception if $game_variables[MIN_VARIABLE] > $game_variables[MAX_VARIABLE]
        number = rand($game_variables[MAX_VARIABLE]+1)
      @rewards[@rewards.size] = REWARDS[number] unless @rewards.has_value?(REWARDS[number]) and !REPETITION
      @loop_break += 1
      if @loop_break == 180

# call_exception
# --------------
# breaks infinite loop and displays error message.

  def call_exception
    raise Exception.new("You were saved from an infinite loop error. Please set " +
    "Min and Max Variables to a difference of 3 or more " +
    "and make sure that you don't have multiples of the same" +
    "reward. Refer to Sky and Reward Modules instructions.")

# draw_rewards
# -----------_
# sets up sprited images

  def draw_rewards
    @item_1.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_blue_1")
    @item_2.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_red_1")
    @item_3.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_green_1")
    @item_4.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_yellow_1")
    for i in 1..4
      x = (i-1) * (90) + (36 * i)
      eval("@item_" + i.to_s + ".x = #{x}")
      eval("@item_" + i.to_s + ".y = 150")
    @arrow.bitmap = Cache.picture("reward_arrow")
    @arrow.y = 90
    @arrow.x = 68

# create_sprites
# --------------
# creates five new sprites used for this scene.

  def create_sprites
    @item_1 = Sprite.new
    @item_2 = Sprite.new
    @item_3 = Sprite.new
    @item_4 = Sprite.new
    @arrow = Sprite.new

# spin(number)
# ------------
# animates the four reward sprites
# also reward is given to player here
# number: specifies which image to animate. 1 to 4

  def spin(number)
    color = number == 1 ? "blue" :
    number == 2 ? "red" : number == 3 ? "green" : "yellow"
    if @count == 20
      eval("@item_" + number.to_s + '.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_'+ color +'_2")')
    elsif @count == 13
      eval("@item_" + number.to_s + '.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_'+ color +'_3")')
    elsif @count == 6
      eval("@item_" + number.to_s + '.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_'+ color +'_4")')
    elsif @count == 0
      eval("@item_" + number.to_s + '.bitmap = Cache.picture("card_'+ color +'_1")')
      eval("@item_"+ number.to_s + ".opacity = 100")
    elsif @count == -1
      if number = @index
        Audio.me_play("Audio/ME/" + SOUND) if SOUND != ""
        $game_party.gain_gold(@rewards[@index-1][1]) if (@rewards[@index-1][0]).downcase == "currency"
        $game_party.gain_item($data_weapons[@rewards[@index-1][1]],@rewards[@index-1][2]) if @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "weapon"
        $game_party.gain_item($data_armors[@rewards[@index-1][1]],@rewards[@index-1][2]) if @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "armor"
        $game_party.gain_item($data_items[@rewards[@index-1][1]],@rewards[@index-1][1],2) if @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "item"
        rewarded_item = @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "currency" ? (@rewards[@index-1][1]).to_s + " #{Vocab.gold}" :
        @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "weapon" ? @rewards[@index-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_weapons[@rewards[@index-1][1]].name.to_s :
        @rewards[@index-1][0].downcase == "armor" ? @rewards[@index-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_armors[@rewards[@index-1][1]].name.to_s :
        @rewards[@index-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_items[@rewards[@index-1][1]].name.to_s
        rewarded_item += (@rewards[@index-1][2] == nil or @rewards[@index-1][2] == 1) ? "." : "s."
        @text = TEXT + rewarded_item

# draw_card(number)
# -----------------
# reveals the reward hidden by each image.
# number: specifies which reward is being revealed. 1 to 4

  def draw_card(number)
    x = (number * 36)+(90*(number-1)) + 17
    icon = @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "currency" ? REWARDS["Icons"][0] :
    @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "weapon" ? REWARDS["Icons"][1] :
    @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "armor" ? REWARDS["Icons"][2] :


    rewarded_item = @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "currency" ? (@rewards[number-1][1]).to_s + " #{Vocab.gold}" :
    @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "weapon" ? @rewards[number-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_weapons[@rewards[number-1][1]].name.to_s :
    @rewards[number-1][0].downcase == "armor" ? @rewards[number-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_armors[@rewards[number-1][1]].name.to_s :
    @rewards[number-1][2].to_s + " " + $data_items[@rewards[number-1][1]].name.to_s
    rewarded_item += (@rewards[number-1][2] == nil or @rewards[number-1][2] == 1) ? "." : "s."

    @cards.contents.draw_text(x - 17,67,66,16,rewarded_item,1)

# update_cursor
# -------------
# animates the cursor

  def update_cursor
    if @down
      @vert += (11/16.0)
      @down = false if @arrow.y == 100
      @vert -= (11/16.0)
      @down = true if @arrow.y == 90
    @arrow.y = @vert.to_i
    @arrow.x = ((@index - 1) * 90) + (36 * @index) + 32

# update
# ------
# updates each frame of the scene.

  def update
    @count -= 1 if @choice != -1 and @count > -3
    update_cursor unless @count != 0 or @choice != -1
    spin(@choice) unless @choice == -1 or @show
    if @show and @count > -3
      for i in 1..4
        spin(i) unless @choice == i
    if Input.trigger?( Input::C )
      @count = 21 unless @count != 0 or @choice != -1
      @choice = @index unless @choice != -1
      if @draw_text == @text and @i > 0 and [email protected]
        @show = true
        @count = 21
      elsif @show and @count == -3
      Sound.play_decision unless SOUND != "" or @count != 21
    elsif Input.trigger?( Input::B )
      dispose if (@draw_text == @text and @i > 0)
    elsif Input.trigger?( Input::RIGHT )
      unless @count != 0
        @index = @index < 4 ? (@index + 1) : 1
    elsif Input.trigger?( Input::LEFT )
      unless @count != 0
        @index = @index > 1 ? (@index - 1) : 4
    if @choice != -1
      if @i % 2 == 0 and @draw_text != @text
        @draw_text += @text[@i/2,1]
      @i += 1 unless @draw_text == @text


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      5)Download [34 mb]:
      Il gioco non necessita delle Rtp. Nulla de nulla.
      Siccome il mio inglese è pessimo mi fareste un immenso piacere nel segnalarmi i probabilissimi  oerrori...Oltre chiaramente ai classici bug di gioco.
      Spero che il concept sia di vostro gradimento, così come il titolo in questione. ^^
    • By Ally
      Nome Script: Poker
      Versione: 1.01
      Autore/i: Ehime

      Come da titolo, il gioco del Poker =P


      Istruzioni e script all'interno della demo.
      Ricordatevi di copiare anche le immagini che sono situate dentro alla cartella Pictures.
      Essendo uno script tutto in giapponese ci ho dato uno sguardo veloce, ma funziona.